Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon BlancThe one thing I didn’t like about the Villa Maria ($13, sample, widely available): It’s not $9 any more. Stupid weak dollar.

Best thing about the wine besides the taste: The screwcap, of course.

So what did it taste like? It didn’t has much grapefruit as most New Zealand wines, but you could still taste citrus. The middle was a bit short and without any New Zealand-like tropical flavors, but there was a very long minderal finish. In some respects, it was more French in style.

What do you pair this with? The web site suggests green bean and potato salad, which must be a New Zealand thing. Otherwise, almost any shellfish, grilled or roast chicken and one of my favorites, spaghetti with clam sauce (though I use canned clams).

What’s with this bullit-style layout for the wine review? Trying something different. Not sure that it would work every week, but it was fun to do this time.