Ever had a wacky summer job?

If you've ever held a seasonal job that required wearing a clown wig or a HazMat uniform, we want to hear from you.

Have you ever had a wacky, messy, scary, exciting or embarrassing summer job? Have you had a strange experience, encountered quirky characters or made life-altering decisions based on a summer job?

Maybe it was decades ago, or perhaps, due to tough economic times (or a midlife crisis), you’re spending this summer slaving (or possibly having the time of your life) at an out-of-the ordinary gig.

We want to hear your summer job stories for a possible feature in the Advocate.

Improve your chances for Advocate fame by sending photos or video. Please include your contact information with your zip code. Email editor@advocatemag.com with your stories or with questions.

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  • About 35 years ago I got a job advertising for a cable company in the Odessa/Midland area at the annual Oil Show. I made a “tall” pair of jeans and I wore my stilts (from my reg job installing accostical ceilings). I wore a cardboard box painted like a televsion for 3 days while walking around the collliseum grounds as a 8′ tall TV. got $90/day. Not bad pay for a “girl” in those days.

  • my messiest job was the summer of 1976, before my Junior Year of College. I worked at a now defunct asphalt plant in Carrollton. I did a variety of things, but all of them were blazing hot. We stood on a concrete platform with huge gas torches, that dried the sand. It must have been 125 degrees out there. I would climb a rickety ladder and use a how to shove sand down this shoot, it would burn the hair off of my arms. ….This was all the motivation I needed to finish college.

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