Oakley endorses Rawlings; does anyone care?

A better headline: Ed Oakley, a guy no one has ever heard of, endorses mayoral candidate Mike Rawlings

Oakley, the former Oak Cliff City councilman, has been getting a lot of ink in Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper (behind the paywall) considering his track record and political baggage. He finished a distant second to ex-Mayor Park Cities in the mayoral race in 2007 — which, oddly enough, earned him another mention in The News last week. Oakley endorsed Ron Natinsky for mayor this year almost before Natinsky announced, and we know how much that helped Natinsky.

There are two things to draw from this. The News, in its usual subtle way, is banging the drums for its candidate, Rawlings. And second, Oakley’s preferences won’t make any difference. Natinsky didn’t carry any precincts in Oakley’s old district in May.

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  • Customer feedback: The Advocate’s email newsletter is one of the very few such emails I open and read; I like the local information and the neighborly tone. I loathe the nastiness of the blogosphere generally, and Jeff Siegal’s gratuitous trashing of Ed Oakley makes me wonder if I need to invoke the “block sender” option in Outlook. For many years, Ed Oakley was a faithful public servant to Oak Cliff. He was energetic, candid, respectful, and open to new ideas during his service on Plan Commission and City Council. Mr. Siegal and The Advocate owe him more courtesy.

  • Go Jeff go! Oakley loves Oak Cliff so much he moved to East Dallas. He loves it when it’s convenient.

  • I think telling the truth does reflect well on The Advocate. Keep it up Jeff!

  • Jeff, Snarky comments like that don’t reflect well on the Advocate, you or Oak Cliff. Let’s see how many votes you get for Kunkle.

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