Photo by Molly Dickson

What, you don’t read Garden & Gun? It’s a 4-year-old lifestyle magazine based in Charleston, S.C., and it’s really coming into its own lately with very good design and interesting stories, even if they still don’t have that many articles about guns.

The April/May issue of Garden & Gun points to chef Tim Byres of Smoke as the leader in nouveau barbecue.

Writer John T. Edge shares that he once was a barbecue purist who considered modernist takes on the genre “blasphemy”:

But I was wrong. Small-minded even. I embraced that realization while seated at the bar at Smoke, a new restaurant in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, a city where belief in barbecue is a sort of civic religion. Smoke is a project of Tim Byres, a pedigreed chef with a résumé that includes a stint at the swanky Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.