Raul and Olga Reyes, formerly of  La Palapa Veracruzana, are opening a new restaurant, Mesa, in the next couple of weeks.

In contrast to La Palapa, Mesa will have a full bar and a menu that is strictly authentic Veracruzana food … no Tex-Mex here, only authentic coastal cuisine.

Raul Reyes has been working on the restaurant for almost a year now, creating practically everything for the new, elegant interior by himself. Through the use of reclaimed metal and wood, he built the bar, tables, chairs and wall décor. “For one hallway, we used discarded shields from NASA, gave them an acid wash and turned them into art,” said Reyes.

The focus at Mesa is on taking the freshest ingredients possible and applying them to tried-and-true family recipes … like Olga Reyes’ mother’s special mole, on the menu as Mole de Mama Cata.