The Trinity tollway: A matter of national security

One of the first rules of this business is professionalism. Whatever you do, don’t fall down laughing when someone you’re interviewing answers your question, no matter how silly their answer.

Which is why I won’t be following up the report in the Observer that quotes two top city officials — two of the top-est — saying they can’t release Trinity River tollway documents for reasons of national security. I’d be laughing so hard that it would be embarrassing.

So more power to Robert Wilonsky at the Observer, who apparently was able to keep a straight face. The details are here; this is the juicy bit: “Instead, Perkins said, the city filed suit to stop the release of ‘names of Department of Defense personnel and a couple of emails the [U.S. Army] Corps [of Engineers] has asked us not to release. The Corps has asked us to hold them because of national security.’ “

Who knew the defense of the United States depended on the toll road? No wonder city officials keep plowing ahead, even though there is no money for the highway and it’s not safe. And to think so many of us doubted them.

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