A new creative co-op is expected to open on July 23 next to Mighty Fine Arts in the Tyler+Davis artists’ neighborhood.

According to owner Austin Terrill, Incense & Peppermints is a creative design store. “We help artists, musicians, small businesses and non-profits design logos, business cards and other branding materials, and we print and produce them as well,” says Terrill. “We also sell local, original art, screen-printed posters and shirts, and large format canvas prints, as well as some vintage movie posters, antique tin signs, tote bags, retro toys, books and other trinkets.”

The Tyler+Davis neighborhood is apparently much greater than the sum of its parts. Terrill notes that “the girls from Oil and Cotton, myself and many other business owners have started a business owners association in accordance with our local council members in order to establish and brand ‘Tyler+Davis’ as an up-and-coming, creative cultural district. Our platform for communicating with the community will be Tyler-Davis.org.”