They’re not attacking people. But several neighbors have reported a pack of three dogs that have killed other pets in the neighborhood.

Monica Morgan of Stevens Park Estates says she and her neighbors have counted 11 pets that this pack has mauled to death. She says attacking dogs seem like pets themselves — well-groomed, not too skinny.

One is a dark brown or black pit or boxer mix with a wide collar. Another is a husky or shepherd mix. And the third is a brown or gold mixed-breed dog that could be a spaniel or setter.

Most of the attacks have happened between 11:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. in Stevens Park Estates, Ravinia Heights, Kings Highway and Winnetka Heights. My best friend’s cat was killed by a pack of three dogs several months ago, but I’m not sure if they’re the same ones. The 11 attacks Morgan reports happened between July 14 and July 25.

Here’s what Morgan says about her experience calling animal control, which is understaffed and underfunded:

Dallas Animal Control has been unable to assist us with this problem. Many in our neighborhood have called Animal Control. We were told that they are back-logged two weeks. They said we have to capture and contain the dogs ourselves and then they will pick them up. They will not trap the animals because it is too hot. They will not provide cages for us to trap the animals. Basically, Dallas Animal Control is unable to help and this is our problem to deal with. If these dogs are being let out “to run”, the city said that the solution is that we need to file a civil suit against the dog owner. This all seems rather unreal to me and I am amazed at the lack of city services that we have.