City Council is considering whether to sign off on tax credits for the owner of the 404-unit Parks at Wynnewood Apartments, rented to low-income families.

Banc of America Community Development Corp. wants to rebuild the apartments. But Councilman Scott Griggs says he will not support the tax credits unless Banc of America agrees to open some of the property up to other types of development.

Griggs brought this up during his campaign. How can you have a thriving retail center when it is surrounded by low-income property? For Wynnewood Shopping Center and the Wynnewood neighborhood to improve, there needs to be a mix of incomes, he has said.

Griggs called a meeting to update the community on his and City Council’s negotiations with Banc of America. The meeting is tonight, Aug. 31, at 6 p.m. at Kiest Park Recreation Center.