Griggs calls meeting tonight, Aug. 31, regarding Wynnewood apartments

City Council is considering whether to sign off on tax credits for the owner of the 404-unit Parks at Wynnewood Apartments, rented to low-income families.

Banc of America Community Development Corp. wants to rebuild the apartments. But Councilman Scott Griggs says he will not support the tax credits unless Banc of America agrees to open some of the property up to other types of development.

Griggs brought this up during his campaign. How can you have a thriving retail center when it is surrounded by low-income property? For Wynnewood Shopping Center and the Wynnewood neighborhood to improve, there needs to be a mix of incomes, he has said.

Griggs called a meeting to update the community on his and City Council’s negotiations with Banc of America. The meeting is tonight, Aug. 31, at 6 p.m. at Kiest Park Recreation Center.


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  1. Rachel Stone August 31, 2011 at 10:20 PM

    Well, he does represent that district.

  2. Jeremy Ratliff August 31, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    John Sarlay is correct. Councilman Griggs does seem to be operating on the assumption that Banc of America has some sort of control over the State’s LURA. No one is disagreeing with the councilmen on his points. Yes, mixed use would be a more ideal use of the 48 acres of land. Mixed use retail would indeed revitalize Wynnewood Village, and the surrounding neighborhoods. However, the current LURA placed on the housing project is a formidible obstacle, one which no one has seemed eager to assume the mammoth task of attempting to modify or remove.
    No one would be happier than Banc of America to have the LURA removed so they would be free to develope the land in a way that would assuredly be more financially beneficial to them than a retirement home and assisted living center.
    What the esteemed Councilmen from District 3 wants is irrelevent as long as the current LURA is in place. If Scott Griggs wants to use some of that new found authority he assumed after the recent election, then I call on him to use his vast knowledge and power as an attorney to get the state to remove the LURA. If he is not willing or is not able to take on that task, then he should stop asking Banc of America to do what he himself is unable to do.
    My final question and comment in this debate is, since when has the City of Dallas given the authority to a newly elected Councilperson to negotiate on the behalf of the entire city in this matter? I would be interested in hearing what the Dallas City Attorneys and City Manager Mary Suhme has to say about Scott Grigg’s demands and stipulations he is making on their behalf.

  3. John Sarlay August 31, 2011 at 12:42 PM

    “… unless Banc of America agrees to open some of the property up to other types of development.” – It’s not the decision of Banc of America. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs must agree to release some of the land from the LURA (Land Use Restriction Agreement). I’m a resident of Wynnewood North, directly adjacent to these apartments so I’m very affected by what happens – or doesn’t happen – to them. It’s not as simple as Banc of America agreeing to develop some of the property for mixed use (which would likely be a more profitable investment for them anyway)… it takes government regulations to be changed.

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