Steve Brown of the Dallas Morning News reports that Wood Partners is planning a 209-unit apartment complex on land formerly owned by INCAP Funds, across Davis from St. Cecilia church. It was the site of Cliffwood Apartments, which were demolished in 2007. Wood Partners builds high-end apartments, such as these, in the Design District. With Zang Triangle expected to deliver 260 apartment units by the end of the year, we’re set for a little population boom.

The owners of Luckie’s Smokehouse are fighting each other in a heated court battle.

Johnathan James, the 10-year-old Red Bird boy who police believed died of heat-related illness July 25, actually was killed by his father and step mother, police are now saying. The parents were charged with injury to a child, accused of denying their son water for as many as 5 days, as a form of punishment.

This blog post from an SMU student informs her classmates that Oak Cliff is not that scary, and it’s OK to check out the “hidden gem”, Eno’s.

This story about Charles Hatley of Oak Cliff Boxing Gym, who was the subject of the documentary “Sweet Science”, is interesting. Especially in light of this and this.