Our September magazine is a little wild

Is Mabel cute or what?

But mostly, it’s furry, sweet and a lot sassy. Our September pet issue is hot off the preses, and we highlight some of Oak Cliff’s smartest, glam-est and cutest animal neighbors. Read the cover story here, and check out the video of Moises Almanderiz’s bulldog Emmitt (yes, he’s named after that Emmitt).

Also read/watch:
• That big green Vintagemobile parked at Belmont Hotel on the weekends sells some cool, thrifty finds.
• Our resident historian Gayla Brooks Kokel takes a look at the origin of some of our neighborhood street names.
• Jefferson Boulevard isn’t wanting for awesome places to dine, like the new Mesa or the old El Ranchito.
• Advocate publisher Rick shares a bit about the colossal road trip he recently took with his 17-year-old son.

Grab the issue on stands around the neighborhood or read it, comment and share your favorite bits online here.

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