You know what’s good if you fry it? Duh! Like, everything. Yes, everything — marshmallows, butter, shoelaces, cigarette butts…

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Anyone who’s traded their precious tickets for something or another fried in deep fat at the State Fair of Texas knows.

Even for those not headed to Fair Park, there are plenty of spots to indulge junk-food cravings in Oak Cliff. Check out our “Fair Fare” feature in the October Advocate for some suggestions.

And here’s one more: El Ranchito.

The Tex-Mex place on Jefferson at Llewellyn is frying it this month.

During the month of October, El Ranchito is offering fried avocado with salsa, fried rice pudding with powdered sugar and fried corn on the cob.

If we’re talking fried corn items, however, my personal favorite is the corn fritters at Williams Fried Chicken.