Stevens Park Golf Course now re-opened for golfers (and walkers)

After almost a year of spectacular renovations, the historic Stevens Park Golf Course is again open for golfers.   An opening day charity tournament on October 10 benefitted north Oak Cliff beautification projects and now all golfers can play this unique course.  But it is also again open for early morning and evening walkers.  The course has always had the best topography in Dallas and walkers have gotten good exercise on the course.  Now, with much of the underbrush gone (replaced by several thousand rose bushes, shrubs and trees) and some new cart trails, walkers can enjoy new vistas, including one, from the cart path by Hole 15, of the downtown skyline and the Calatrava Bridge.  But, remember, this is a golf course, so don’t interfere with players, pick up after your dog and put any windblown trash into a can by a hole marker.

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