The Dallas Museum of Art’s John Paul Gaultier exhibit, “The Sidewalk to the Catwalk” opens officially Sunday, Nov. 13.

A couple of Dallas artists spent two days creating an art installation outside the museum.

Julie McCullough Kim of Make and IndieGenius and Oak Cliff-based artist Marisa Dukowitz “lace bombed” trees outside the museum.

Photos courtesy of Julie McCullough Kim

Other trees they covered in this blue-and-white fabric.

Kim and Dukowitz also created a 7-foot topiary shaped like a dress form and another topiary shaped like hangers.

Kim said she got to see the Gaultier exhibit Wednesday, and she wants to see it two or three more times. “You can’t take it all in at one time,” she says. “It’s like no other exhibit I’ve ever seen.”

Dukowitz is the artist who created these amazing masks, which showed recently at the Ross Akard Gallery.