The Texas Monthly “Breakfast!” issue arrived in my mailbox recently, and I thought, “Hmm. Wonder if they chose Oddfellows and Smoke.” Because if they hadn’t, I would say they were doing it wrong. But I don’t get to say that because, of course, Oddfellows and Smoke are featured among the list of seven best breakfast spots in Dallas.

The Oddfellows kicker: “The space is a vintage storefront, but it feels comfortingly like Grandma’s farmhouse kitchen.”

Smoke, says the magazine, is attached to the “fabulous forties Belmont Hotel” and serves the “most popular breakfast in Dallas.” They call it “down-home with class.”

Presumably, Jonathon’s, the new breakfast (and lunch and dinner) place on Beckley, is too new to make the list. But Jonathon’s is featured in the December Advocate.

The magazine’s breakfast spread also mentions Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters as one of the state’s best coffee purveyors. And Dallas-based Cafe Brazil made the “Best Breakfasts Fort Worth” list.

Let’s make a list of our seven favorite breakfast spots in Oak Cliff. Here are mine, in no particular order, and not counting brunch-only places: Norma’s, Metro Diner, Lone Star Donuts, El Padrino, Fruitería Cano, Oddfellows, Smoke. What’s on your list?