Patricia Rodriquez of Kings Highway is a freelance artist, blogger and graphic designer. The 35-year-old was born and raised in Oak Cliff, and she has been working full-time as an artist for over a year.

Why do you choose to live in Oak Cliff?
I was born in Oak Cliff, and I choose to live here because it is my lovely home.

What is your artistic background?
After graduating from Arts Magnet High School, where I studied painting, I continued my studies at Mountain View College and then fully immersed myself in the arts. Painting is my main passion, and I’ve never stopped since I started. I jumped out of the working world about a year ago to freelance and do art full time. I have found myself teaching, drawing and painting on anything someone needed painted. Creating is the best reward!

Describe your work in a sentence or two.
My work is like a double agent. I have one side that is very elegant fine art canvases that are inspired by nature, color and zen. On the flip side of that is what I call my rock-n-roll side — painting on recycled vinyl records for fun.

Ziggy played guitar.

What can we buy for around $50?
All my painted vinyl records are $50 and under and can be custom ordered per your wish. I also specialize in hand-painted custom boxes. Both of these items make thoughtful and inexpensive gifts.

Where or how can we buy it?
You can buy what is available through my etsy shop,, or drop me a line through my website,, to order a custom piece.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Thanks for supporting local artists, especially the ones who do this for a living. You are not only giving handmade and thoughtful gifts, but you’re making those of us that create them feel needed and wanted.

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