The third-annual Dallas Tweed Ride is Sunday, Nov. 13. The event has grown every year. Bike Friendly Oak Cliff organizer Jason Roberts says almost 200 people have rsvp-ed to the facebook invitation, and he expects this year’s ride to be the biggest yet.

Dallas tweed riders mostly are quite dapper, although every year so far, there’s always got to be that one guy or gal in sweat pants. No one is excluded from the ride for showing up in spandex or jogging clothes. It’s an inclusive event. But y’all, it’s a fashion event. It’s named after the clothes you’re supposed to wear. Let’s step it up for Tweed Ride 2011. Wouldn’t it be great to have 100 percent participation, meaning no yoga pants?

We’re posting these tweed ride videos from around the world for style inspiration.

After watching tweed ride videos all morning, I deem Washington, D.C. the nattiest. Check out this video from the Dandies & Quaintrelles club’s 2010 tweed ride:

That club also has a spring ride called “Seersucker Social.” We should totally steal that idea.

A New York City tweed rider, via

London is home of the original tweed ride. Originator Ted Young-Ing says he started it because he traveled to Edinburgh and “bought a bunch of plus fours” and needed an excuse to wear them. This video explains the philosophy and fashion of tweed ride:

Sydney got into tweed ride this year. It’s so weird how they have wintertime in July:

And here’s one from San Francisco last year:

The 2011 Dallas Tweed Ride rolls out of Dealey Plaza at 1:30 p.m. Sunday and ends at Turner House.