Dallas Citizen’s Council video: We’re doing great!

Robert Wilsonsky with the Observer and Rudy Bush with the DMN have been talking about this latest Dallas Citizen’s Council video, touting all of the great things happening here in the city. It’s a slick video that’s probably worth the five minutes of your time it will take to watch it.

The video’s premise is that Dallas has invested during the tough times in infrastructure and other projects that will allow us to take off like a rocket ship when the inevitable good times come around again. Cited, of course, as the Dallas Convention Center hotel, the Calatrava bridge, the Downtown revitalization projects, the Woodall Rogers deck park and a bunch of other nice pictures.

I can’t take issue with the hope that our taxpayer-funded investments will pay off big when the economy turns around. The video is nice and it kind of leaves me pumped up after watching it. I don’t think I’m going to be running through any brick walls today, though.

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