Have you read our Q&A with Gay Revi, the Granny Geek? If not, please do. She is a hoot.

Revi’s most recent pet cause has been “garage sales from hell,” and her blog, Dallas Garage Sales from Hell, drew the attention of City Council, which later passed an ordinance restricting garage sales.

Today, the Wall Street Journal ran a story about the trend of cities restricting garage sales, and they used pictures from Revi’s site. Here is a link to the story, which you can read if you have a subscription.

Here’s Revi’s part of the WSJ story:

“In neighborhoods across America, sellers are offering ever- replenished supplies of often-unused goods, sometimes from the lawns of unoccupied homes, turning residential streets into impromptu parking lots. ‘Once we had to call 911 so that we could get out of our own driveway,’ said Gay Revi, a 72-year-old Dallas woman who launched a blog called Dallas Garage Sales From Hell, which she took down last year after the city began regulating garage sales, in part by requiring a $15 permit.”

Here is one more answer from Revi, which we cut from our interview in the January Advocate to make it fit the page:

Have you met a lot of people through your blog?

I’ve met bloggers from all over he country online. It’s been nice to meet like-minded people all over the country. Most of them are younger than I am. And that’s something that’s nice about blogging. I got a lot of responses from people who are younger than my kids. So it’s surprising that you’re kind of ageless on the Internet. It breaks down that barrier.

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