Dallas’ accidental park historian

The aerial photo of Union Terminal Park in March’s magazine was discovered by Sally Rodriguez, the Dallas Park and Recreation Department’s unofficial historian. Her actual title is coordinator for the department’s planning, design and construction division, but when she took the job 11 years ago, some of her assignments sent her digging into file cabinets and closets, where she unearthed this photo and dozens of others like it that had been stashed away and forgotten.

A Q&A with Rodriguez appeared in March’s magazine for Lake Highlands, where Rodriguez lives, and tells more about her photo finds. Don’t miss future editions of the Oak Cliff Advocate for more of Rodriguez’s discoveries.

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  1. Downtown_worker March 1, 2012 at 3:21 PM

    Great find. Reminds me of a curious sign I noticed on Ross Ave pointing to “Field of Dreams”. Wasn’t there a baseball diamond where One Arts Plaza stands now? Funny that the sign is still there.

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