Oak Cliff native Malcolm Harris is  a comic book writer with over 100 characters and three screenplays under his belt.

He owns a comic book publishing company, Channel M that produces many series, sold at Zeus Comics, here in Dallas, as well as in book shops around the world.

His latest project is a short film that will feature his most famous character, Princess Lucinda of the “Witch Girl” series.

“Princess Lucinda is the anti-Disney Princess,” says Harris. “She grew up in a world ruled by her evil parents, but it was overthrown by a good band of rebels. Now she is banished with her older sister here to Earth.”

The live-action movie is set to begin filming in Oak Cliff in May, but that’s only if Harris can get his Kickstarter campaign off the ground.

“I was born and raised in Oak Cliff,” says Harris. “I want to use this film to not only highlight small comic book guys but I also want to help put Oak Cliff on the map.”

There have already been a few auditions for the part of the Princess and things are well underway. The campaign ends March 17. Click here for more details and to donate.