Why aren’t my crops growing?

I visited several gardeners this week who are concerned about crops not coming up. They planted on the specified date, didn’t plant too deeply, weeded, watered, even talked to the little seeds and still nothing. What did they do wrong? Absolutely nothing! Seeds don’t look at the calendar and say, “Oh it is March 28 already, wow I’d better get growing!” There has to be specific soil conditions such as the right moisture level and soil temperature for the seed to sprout, also called germination.

For example, beans are looking for the soil temperature to be around 75 degrees for five consecutive days in order for them to sprout. Carrots also need a 75-degree soil temperature but take up to 12 days to sprout.

Most summer crops are looking for at least a 75-degree soil temperature.

My hope is that your gardening experience will be fun and relaxing. If something doesn’t work exactly as the package predicted, try something else, such as a different variety or seed company. My point is to keep trying, and that is reward in itself. As an organic gardener, you are contributing to a better environment.

If plan A didn’t work, stay cool! The alphabet has 25 more letters.

Garden Lady’s green dates to remember:

April 14, 11 a.m., Garden Talk follow-up on plantings from March 3 class.  We will specifically focus on tomatoes.

April 19, 6 p.m., A Community Cooks at the We Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College