What the heck is going on at 715 W. Davis? That’s the 1.75-acre former car dealership lot where Rick Garza has proposed an apartment complex.

Several weeks ago, we spied Oak Cliff husband-and-wife Cynthia Mulcahy and Robert Hamilton making rows for planting. Mulcahy was tight-lipped about it then and would only say they were “curating a temporary nature-based public art project.”

Today Mulcahy, a curator who runs a farm near Glenrose, announced the project on her website, Mulcahy Modern.

So what’s going on at 715 W. Davis is an art installation called “Seventeen Hundred Seeds.” From the website: “A temporary, site-specific land art project, a collaboration between artist Robert Hamilton and curator Cynthia Mulcahy,
located in an empty 1.6-acre lot…”

Mulcahy says she is planning a public reception from 6:30-8:30 May 19.