Restaurant Talk: Bolsa Mercado

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I have a Bolsa Mercado problem. Every time there is a rumble in my tum, or my thoughts turn to coffee, it immediately triggers a Bolsa Mercado Blast. That’s a much better problem to have than, say, a Mac Attack or a Taco Bell Bender, or even a 7-Eleven Obsession, all of which are terrible middle class problems from which I have suffered tremendously.

My Bolsa Mercado problem comes on a ciabatta roll with house-smoked turkey, avocado spread, sharp cheddar, pepper relish, bacon and arugula. Or sometimes, ciabatta with pastrami, pickles, spicy mustard and red cabbage. The house-made pimento cheese on sourdough toast made me slap my actual grandmother (sorry, Nana).  And there’s a chicken salad sandwich with grapes, celery and walnuts that I haven’t tried yet, but I am sure it is dreamy.

All of these sandwiches cost about $7, and they don’t come out Subway-fast. Even with no line, expect to wait a few minutes for your divine sammy. It’s worth it.

We also like the kolaches, all of them — wild boar and fontina, apricot and cream cheese, they’re all good. Bolsa Mercado also offers salads, cookies and all manner of sweets, pizzas and more. Plus, there is a juice bar.

With its good lighting,  long central table and ergonomic chairs, Bolsa Mercado is one of the best places to work in Oak Cliff, and it’s a good place to have a meeting outside the office.

Bolsa Mercado reminds me of one of those little grocer/delis in Marfa. And even though we don’t have to drive 100 miles to the nearest supermarket, we are a little island here in Oak Cliff, and Bolsa Mercado’s groceries are more in the Marfa price range. The same bottle of wine you could buy at Whole Foods for $11.99 will run you about $14.99 here. But they do carry fresh-baked bread from Empire Baking Co., Nitschke Natural Beef, locally produced ice cream and lots of other high-end groceries. It’s not cheap, but it’s convenient.

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  • I have had that sandwich, too….. most delightful!!!!  It was a good size, so I thought I’d just eat half and take the other half home for a snack later in the evening…   hahaha!!  what was I thinking???  I scarfed the whole thing and relished every bite!!! I think it was probably the best tasting sandwich I have ever eaten!!!  I don’t live in Oak Cliff, but I make it a point to go there frequently and I’m certain that it’s only a matter of time before I have a similar Bolsa Mercado problem….  and that’s one problem I don’t intend to fix!!!  Happy Eating!!

  • Get thee to Casa Maya…..their pork roasted with Mayan spices in banana leaves or chicken soup or chicken enchiladas will become a simila addition as soon as you try them.  I cannot stop thinking about them since our family ate there!!!

  • Yes, it’s a quite an epicurean oasis in the ‘hood!  Thanks, Rachel, for the shout out! They’ll have our delicious grassfed beef periodically – as we harvest – so it’ll always be fresh AND hand cut on site by Chef Matt Balke.  Watch for the NNBeef logo inside the fresh meat case!

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