"Refreshments on the Way," George Grosz, courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art

Take a trip back in time this summer at the Dallas Museum of Art’s “Flower of the Prairie: George Grosz in Dallas,” which opened this past weekend.

Grosz’s paintings give a view into Dallas as it was more than 50 years ago. One painting brings on Oak Cliff nostalgia for a legendary establishment that newer Cliffites will never have the chance to experience.

“Refreshments on the Way” illustrates Pig Stand No. 2, which used to be located at Colorado and Jefferson. The original Pig Stand was built on Chalk Hill Road in Oak Cliff in 1921. It changed the way Americans eat as the first restaurant to offer curbside and drive-thru service.

In addition, the Pig Stand is said to have created the finest items of Texas cuisine: Texas toast, chicken fried steak and onion rings. Alan Elliott has much more information on Pig Stand history at oakcliff.com.

See the painting in person through Aug. 19 at the Dallas Museum of Art, or view it and the rest of the exhibit on your iPad — the DMA is releasing a special e-catalog on the Grosz exhibit by the end of May.