My first week here as an intern for the Advocate was spent exploring my new neighborhood and finding my way around. Naturally, one blog topic came to my mind first: shopping. As an avid shopper and a lover of anything thrift or vintage I was on a mission this week to find the best places in the area to satisfy my needs this summer. I snapped some photos on my iPhone and jotted down all the things I loved about these places in order to showcase the local vintage gems in Oak Cliff. Here is what I found:

 Zola’s Everyday Vintage: 414 N. Bishop Ave.

Located in the heart of Bishop Arts, this tiny vintage boutique sells clothing, accessories, and even some home décor from all your favorite decades. Zola’s has been featured in Lucky magazine and has been praised in the press for all their unique finds ranging from wedding dresses from the ’40’s to men’s sport coats from the ’60’s. Prices are affordable, especially for the immaculate quality these clothes are in. Not to mention, a sweet little shop cat named Sister follows you around while you peruse.

M’Antiques: 424 W Davis St

Spoiler alert: This store is straight out of a man’s antiquing dreams!

A vintage jukebox, an old slot machine, a closet of army fatigues, and a fleet of carved wooden mallards are just some of the manly items this garage sale-esque shop has to offer. But don’t worry ladies! Owners Robert Owen and Compton Creel (who, as an added bonus, are hilarious) swear they still actually sell to about 60% women. Whether or not they are actually buying for themselves or their husbands is still to be determined.


Maria’s Closet: 420 W Davis St

Situated right next door to M’Antiques, the location could not have been more convenient for my vintage exploration. This tightly packed store has a closet feel, just like the name would suggest, with a newly added back closet where they hide the men’s clothing. Clothes, jewelry, handbags, shoes—this store has it all and at amazing prices. White True Religion jeans for $26, an Anthropologie shift dress that would only set you back $24, Steve by Steve Madden shoes for $16 (to name a few). Needless to say, after five minutes, I was ready to take home the whole store.

Indie Genius: 7th and Zang (behind Bee enchiladería)

Local vendors who design and create their own products all contribute to this vintage gallery and fashion classroom. Parents, you can sign your children up for summer camp where they will learn how to sew and create, or even sign yourself up for an adult class! This warehouse has it all: old Harley Davidson t-shirts, vintage sewing machines, hand made jewelry, and even children’s fashions. Come by to pick up a new candle for your home and you may just pick up a new hobby as well.

Pandemonium: 2726 N. Henderson Ave.

I had to go a little out of the way for this one, but it was well worth it. If you’re looking for clothes to set you apart at an upcoming decade party, this is definitely the store to hit. The boutique is wall-to-wall jam packed with clothes and accessories, making it feel like you’ve just stepped into a hoarder’s attic, but don’t let the overwhelming number of options discourage you! You and a friend could enjoy an entire day in this store trying on ’60’s jumpsuits and fur vests and not regret it one bit. Prices range from $10-$80.