Dive into Kenda North’s pool pictures

Kenda North, Untitled (Blue and White Suit and Pool), 1982. Black Dog Collection © Kenda North

We came across this image today in Flavorwire’s Playful Photos of Southern California’s Swimming Pool Culture. It is from Oak Cliff resident Kenda North, who is a professor at UTA and an active member of the Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts.

From Kenda North's "Urban Pools" series

On North’s website, check out her series, “Urban Pools,” which features subjects wearing formal wear and office clothes. That series is “a metaphor for emotional tensions, the daily struggle between liberation and constraint.”

Also check out her series, “Water and Weight.” From the artists’ description: “The figures move through the blue fields of water, either celebrating a form of weightlessness or caught by a net and trapped. The frame of the camera establishes a space which is without horizon, the deep end of the pool, modified by the grid of the net or the whisper of a phrase.”

If swimming isn’t your thing, click on “Sunbathers,” the collection from which the top image was taken, although some images are nsfw.

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