Interstate 30, when traffic is light, makes life so easy — Oak Cliff to downtown in less than five minutes. But when there is traffic on I-30, oh boy, is there traffic.

And from Sylvan or Fort Worth Avenue, especially, it’s impossible to see whether there is traffic until you’re right up to the on ramp. And then you have seconds to decide whether to sit on I-30 or snake around and take some other bridge.

But now there’s another way. Chad Armstrong of Kessler Plaza, who is married to my best friend by the way, made us an app for that.

“I had a little time to play around with making a mobile site/app for DFW traffic cams,” he writes. “I’ll add more cams and a menu or something as I get some time.”

So it’s beta, but here is the link to a camera at I-30 and Sylvan. If you bookmark it on your phone, you’ll always know whether to head for the bridges before you’re all the way to 30.