Students spend 12 days of summer learning science, preparing for better fall academic performance

Volunteers and a donation from Comerica Bank make this free science program available for DISD students.

A group of DISD students are using the summer to learn. I know, crazy, right?

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Kids from the Trinity River Mission community learning center are taking advantage of the Dallas Arboretum’s Cool Science Investigations program, made possible by a $15,000 grant from Comerica Bank.

Students in grades K-3 spend half of the 12-day program in “Butterflies, Bees and Blossom” and the other half in “Plant Detectives.”

Students in grades 4-6 participate in the “Rock & Roll” program for the first six sessions, followed by “Diversity of Life” for the final six sessions.

All programs focus on hands-on discovery and experimentation activities for children, utilizing real tools, models, interactive exhibits and materials.

The curriculum aligns with TEKS tests and prepares the children for successful testing and performance in fall classes.

Say spokespeople, “pre- and post-testing results demonstrate that this program is very successful in improving not only science test scores but also students’ attitude toward science.”

Trinity River Mission serves students predominately from the East Dallas, West Dallas and Oak Cliff areas who are from low-income families. The participants are overwhelmingly hispanic — though the services are open to all ethnicities — and are educated about the importance of language proficiency when it comes to being successful in school and in the workplace.

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