pigeon berry

Install a native ground cover in your front or back yard. You can take advantage of the 75-percent off liquidation sale at Repotted this weekend and purchase frog fruit and pigeon berry. Frog fruit is a sun-loving ground cover native to Texas and will tolerate the heat. It also is a great place for bees and butterflies to get a bite to eat and a drink. Once established, about two weeks, you no longer have to fertilize or water it. Not to mention there is no need to mow it. You are saving time, money and a valuable resource.

Got shade? I like to use horse herb and mix in some pigeon berry for a spot of color under trees.

Another idea is to incorporate lava rocks and native perennials. Repotted also has a nice selection of sun-loving perennials. These plants need a good home. How about yours?

Special thanks to Elizabeth and Jamie of Repotted for serving the Oak Cliff community for the past two years. Your dedication to teaching the benefits of using organic growing methods and planting native and adapted plants has impacted many.