El Padrino, the 20-year-old taco stand in the Bishop Arts District, will close in November to make way for a new restaurant from Sarah Lombardi.

Juan Contreras, managing partner of El Padrino, says he hopes to find a new location in Bishop Arts.

“We’ve been there for so long that we would like to stay there, obviously, and hopefully we’ll find something,” he says.

Taco Trail reports that Sarah Lombardi, daughter of restaurateur Alberto Lombardi, is opening a new restaurant in the Oak Cliff Mercantile building. The El Padrino building will “anchor a beer garden,” for that restaurant, according to the taco blog. Sounds cool.

Contreras’ father opened El Padrino on Jefferson 22 years ago and expanded with the Bishop Arts taco stand a couple of years later. The original El Padrino enjoys a loyal following of generational customers, Contreras says.