Boulevardier, in the former Cafe Madrid/Decanter spot in Bishop Arts, has already attracted crowds to its stylish bistro and it’s only been open less than a week. The interior is much more welcoming than what the prior occupants had done,  primarily because the bar/restaurant space has been opened up and there is a palpable airy ambiance. What this means, of course, is that there is more noise (very bistro-ish) in the dining area. While there are the standard bistro burgers, onion soup and cassoulet, there are also unique dishes such as lamb neck daube. This is a slow-cooked meat that reminded me of osso buco and, with the glazed carrots, it was delicious. Other menu items looked intriguing and the creme brulee (with prunes soaked in Armagnac) was very good. The wine list is eclectic (not French-centric) and there are some value-priced wines on the list. One more reason to try the place: It has French vermouth for its martinis. All in all, a place to be seen but also fit for foodies.