Yes, I’m blushing

The Observer does a Best of Dallas every year, and picks a best columnist as part of the process. This year, for some reason completely unknown to me, they picked me.

Which is not to say I’m not flattered, because I am. The citation said so many nice things that I had to double check to make sure it was about me, since my writing here and in the magazine usually elicits the other sort of response. Don’t believe me? Then just ask Wamre. Rick asked me to write the column when we started this adventure, and has put up with me ever since. Frankly, given Dallas, that hasn’t always been easy for him.

If I may quote: “Beneath all that writing and attitude beats the heart of an old-fashioned newspaper reporter.” Believe it or not, that’s all I ever wanted to be, from the minute I was old enough to be aware that one could write and get paid for it. So thank you, Observer. I appreciate this more than you know.

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