Ray Wylie Hubbard is featured as our Q&A in the November Advocate, which should be delivered to your doorknob this weekend. During our interview, Hubbard mentioned his first band, The Coachmen, which after graduation from Adamson High School, changed to Three Faces West.

Three Faces West was a folk-music band that toured all over Texas and the Southwest in the late ’60s and early ’70s, predating the outlaw country trend.

I was curious about Three Faces West, and I found this blog post from A Truer Sound that includes some history on the band and links to a four-disc download of the band’s music. As far as I can tell, this music isn’t available for purchase anywhere. But you can buy Hubbard’s most recent album, “The Grifter’s Hymnal” online.

Oak Cliff boys Wayne Kidd, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Rick Fowler were Three Faces West, 1969

The writer from A Truer Sound asked the same question I have about the other members of Three Faces West, Rick Fowler and Wayne Kidd: “I could not find any info on those two, or what they are up to now, but I have to wonder if the Rick Fowler from Three Faces West is the same Rick Fowler who runs this Karate School right outside of Dallas.”

Where are you, Rick Fowler and Wayne Kidd? We want to hear your rock-n-roll stories.

Update: Hubbard answered this question in the comments:

rick is in red river nm and is a talented artist whose painting are in great demand and have a pretty high price tag. he also performs now and then and i refuse to go on after him because he kills. he is that good. wayne is in taos and has done well as a contractor building homes and churches. i rarely see wayne but i do see rick every so often and i still consider them my dear friends. rwh