The Victim: William Crawford

The Crime: Criminal mischief

Date: Saturday, Sept. 29

Time: 4 a.m.

Location: 300 Block of S. Brighton


The car alarm wailed and pierced the night.

The loud shriek of his car alarm startled William Crawford out of bed. He quickly rushed outside to see what was going on.

As the alarm blared from his car parked along the street, he saw a car peel away. Crawford wasn’t able to get a look at any suspects or a license plate number. Unfortunately, shards of glass littered the interior of his car, creating a real mess.

“They just broke the window,” he says. “I guess they hit it with a hammer or something.”

Despite the damage, the bright side is that nothing inside was stolen. Police believe the suspects were probably scared away.

This is one time when a car alarm did its job. Repairing the window would set Crawford back about $200 and some time and hassle, but things could have been much worse.

Major Edwin Ruiz-Diaz of the Southwest Patrol Division says an alarm system is an important component of a theft prevention plan.

“On occasion a would-be thief will be scared off by an alarm going off in a vehicle or residence that they have targeted,” he says. “However, it is important to remember that good lighting around your vehicle, hiding or removing all valuables even if you will only be away from the car for a second, locking your vehicle and being aware of suspicious people in your vicinity are also extremely important when trying to prevent theft.”


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