548579_10151258194213819_655449187_nThe 10-unit apartment building at West Davis and Elsbeth where presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald once lived is under demolition.

Building owner Jane Bryant told the Dallas Morning News that she expects to have the property cleared by Jan. 5. And from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, anyone with a little cash can grab some of the building’s salvage.

Most everything in the apartment where the Oswalds lived for six months in 1962-1963 has been sold and carted off. But about 35,000 feet of yellow pine lumber and 12,000 feet of white pine flooring are still available, according to the News. “Bring your hammer, saw, crowbar, strong friends. Anyone and anything to help you take away what you want of what’s left,” writes Roy Appleton.

In case you missed it, read this essay about the building and the Oswalds from KTCK’s Gordon Keith. It is a fascinating read.