406039_10151230462002732_206915406_nOne of the items on our list of how to do Oak Cliff like a tourist is feeding the ducks at Kidd Springs Park.

Here’s what we wrote about them: “These are urban ducks. They do not suffer non-bread-havers. Bring them crumbs, and they will be your pets.”

Barry Kooda, a neighbor, animal-lover, and rock-n-roll veteran, mentioned the ducks and geese of Kidd Springs in a Facebook post Wednesday: “When we went by Kidd Springs yesterday, we were informed by every duck and goose there that no one had brought them a damn thing for Christmas so I guess we’d better get a loaf of bread and head over there.”

The handsome goose above is one of those hungry guys. Here are a few of Barry’s pictures from the snow day, Dec. 25, at Kidd Springs.

Photos by Barry Kooda