They have HEB, they have the Riverwalk, now they want our marathon date too?

In a strange and somewhat inexplicable move, organizers of the 2013 marathon in San Antonio have decided their marathon needs to be on the same day as the Dallas Marathon, which is scheduled for December 8.

According to the Dallas Morning News, The Competitors Group, which is planning the race in San Antonio, says they changed the date from November 18 to later in the year because the weather in San Antonio is not as humid in December as it is in November. Yeah, they know it conflicts with the Dallas date but — oh well. (I paraphrase.)

For one thing, it seems like a bad business plan, because many runners in Texas plan to run both races. For another thing, it seems downright unfriendly. And for a third thing, it might even be illegal, because they actually are bound by a non-compete agreement which states: Competitor Group and its affiliates “shall refrain from sponsoring, producing, organizing, promoting, managing or conducting any marathons, half marathons, relays or other running events or events with a running component in the state of Texas from Dec. 1 through May 31 each year for the life our agreement,” which goes through 2016, according to Kevin Snyder, the board chairman for the Dallas Marathon.

Talks between the organizers continue. Stay tuned.

Dallas Marathon 2010

Dallas Marathon 2010

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