JM Rizzi mural

First Ben Eine, then Shepard Fairey, now JM Rizzi, and the graffiti art in West Dallas keeps getting richer.

The Belmont Hotel and the Dallas Contemporary have commissioned Brooklyn native JM Rizzi, who lives in Dallas and signs his work JMR, to paint a mural on Sylvan at Fort Worth Avenue. Rizzi’s painting will be adjacent to the three small ones Fairey painted last year.

Rizzi “is known for his unique style of graffiti art that combines elements of neo-abstraction with contemporary pop,” according to a bio from the Dallas Contemporary. He means to “push the tools of graffiti to new levels of accessibility and meaning.”

He also has shown work in galleries and was commissioned to create a building-sized mural on The Pod Hotel in New York City.

Rizzi will be painting the mural “in the next month,” according to the Belmont, but we’ll let you know when we spy him working out there.JMR #2