Weigh in on Rosemont/Davis intersection redesign

West Davis goes from three lanes to one right before the intersection at Rosemont, where elementary-school students from Winnetka Heights must cross to get to school.

The intersection is to be redesigned thanks to the Better Block, which found $201,512 in the city’s budget to fund the project.

The city is seeking input from neighbors during a meeting from 9-10:30 a.m. Saturday, March 2, in the Alta West Davis conference room.

The Better Block also is planning a public design workshop in April and a “better plaza” event May 17 and 18 to display some of the ideas that arise from public meetings and city planners. They expect the project to be completed in August.

Below is a plan the Better Block came up with for that intersection about a year ago. It would create plaza-like bikeways by closing two Seventh Street blocks to motor traffic.


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  • The funds are from the Davis Garden TIFF, a fund that keeps private development tax funds in the district. It must be used for improvements along Davis. The funds were allocated for a median project on Davis, but TIFF board found the idea of bicycle, pedestrian and traffic calming as more appealing. The actual funds available for the project are around $200,000. The other $300,000 are for a safe route to school for Rosemont Primary and future plaza and safety projects in the Tyler/Davis/Kings area.


    Andrew Howard

  • I agree with you AG that we should reinforce and beautify what we currently have but I doubt our city council would have approved that unless there was a significant push.  The Better Block project knows how to push and this what they do.  I’d rather have $500,000 dollars coming into Oak Cliff then nothing at all.

  • That’s cute and all but $500,00 of city funds?  I’m no math wiz but it seems like that would go a long way to maintaining Kidd Springs Park.   Or widening the trails at Keist Park.  I’d love to see some love go in  to what we already have before we build more. 

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