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Cameron Ernst is a Dallas guy we wrote about in our Lake Highlands Advocate after he joined the Love is Louder movement.

As a young musician, he went from writing cheesy love songs (by his own admission) to writing and singing about love in its broader sense, as a way to curb violence and bullying at the adolescent and teen level. He has spoken and performed at schools throughout Richardson and Dallas ISDs.

The young artist’s message isn’t exclusive to youngsters, though.

“The focus is on love and creating a positive environment,” he told us. “It goes for not just kids but for everyone. Bullying and hatred can happen in the adult workplace, too.”

Cameron’s new CD, “Always Always” debuts today. Sample it here, if you wish. The release party is Saturday, April 13 at 8 p.m. at Emporium Pies in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts District, 314 N Bishop.

Cameron continues to infuse his music with optimism and oodles of love, and his tunes are catchy, so catchy, in fact, that they are popping up commercially, such as in the below UK bank ad.

You can download the song used in the commercial, “Three” for free here at