City Councilman Scott Griggs made his stance against urban gas drilling clear from the time he first ran for his District 3 seat two years ago. Since then, he and City Councilwoman Angela Hunt of District 14 have held a line against drilling in urban areas, and especially, on Dallas parkland. They have asked the mayor to call a vote on Trinity East drilling before the May election.

Griggs’ opponent in the District 1 City Council race, Delia Jasso, whose district was redrawn to include Griggs’ house, has not been as clear.

An editorial in the Dallas Morning News Tuesday says that Jasso first stated she had signed Griggs’ memo on gas drilling. When a reporter found she hadn’t signed that memo, she explained that had been thinking of another memo, in favor of marriage equality.

Yay for equality, but she has not said whether she would vote for or against urban gas drilling. So Griggs, Hunt, and now the Dallas Morning News editorial board, are all calling for a vote on the matter before the election.

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