Chicken Scratch is keeping it so, so real with this hilarious billboard poking fun at its location between the boarded-up Mission Motel and the Dallas West Mobile Home Park. The ad is up at Interstate 30 and Beckley. Chicken Scratch really is a good place to bring kids, which is why it made the Advocate’s “parent-friendly” list last year.


Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern, the pizza-by-the-slice place that Il Cane Rosso’s Jay Jerrier is planning for the old BEE space, was supposed to open this month. It hasn’t yet, but they posted a picture of their newly printed staff T-shirts last week, which read “Summer 2013” on the back. So, soon.

The logo features the tag line “Vieni qui, stai fermo,” which could be translated to “Come here, stay put.” Or in dog commands: “Come. Stay.” They forgot to say ti siedi, sit, but we will figure it out.

By the way, there is tons of food porn on Zoli’s Facebook page.