Construction to begin on new homes at Kidd Springs this year


PSW is planning 44 new homes on land bordered by Van Buren, Canty, Fifth Street and Kidd Springs Park.

Construction on 44 new homes adjacent to Kidd Springs Park could begin as early as October. Austin-based PSW Real Estate met with Kidd Springs Central Tuesday to lay out plans for the development of two-story homes, which will sell for $300,000-$400,000.

The developer, which has about 95 homes under development in the Dallas area, including 32 at 1610 Kings Highway, expects to work fast. The homes at Kidd Springs could be finished by April 2014.

The homes at 901 Cedar Hill will comprise 1,500-2,500 square feet each and be built in the craftsman style, similar to the photo below. Some homes will face the streets — Van Buren, Canty and Fifth — and others will face an interior private drive. All will have carports or detached garages, wide front porches and small backyards. PSW also plans to “upgrade” the sidewalks to 7-foot widths, PSW’s area president for Dallas-Fort Worth, Adam Stetson, told neighbors.

Improved sidewalks will “really help the connectiveness of the community,” he says.

Neighbors can expect construction fences to go up within the next few weeks, and groundwork will begin around September.

PSW, which has about 600 new homes and multifamily units under development in the Austin area, expects to have as many as 200 new homes under development in the Dallas area by next year.


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  1. Alias Pseudonym September 14, 2016 at 3:51 PM

    I am not sure where people are getting their information when putting their home up for sale at such ridiculous prices around the Oak Cliff neighborhood. It is clear that the people selling their houses have never lived in or associated themselves within the area before. Yeah the bishop area has improved with new establishments opening up and new venues being offered, however the crowd remains the same. After a certain hour all the want to be thugs and gang banger come out to stir up trouble. Seriously people come on. Plus I myself went to the public schools around here and they are not the best possible education, some are even below standards. If homes are being sold for 300,000+ I would expect for the education level to rise at the surrounding schools. Not to mention that a home is being sold for so much money and then your neighbors house is a piece of junk or they are the rowdy crowd type with cookouts and family gathering every single weekend. This is just nerve wrecking and I am sorry but I am extremely confused on why houses in the HOOD yes the HOOD Oak Cliff are being sold for such a freaking ridiculous price. Anyone around the Oak Cliff neighborhood knows that these homes no matter how remodeled or sophisticated they may look they are not worth that much. Bishop arts district is just a polished turd with the same thug want to be individuals in it. Plus you never see any cops in the area and I highly doubt its because of the low crime rate. I don’t know maybe I am just disgruntle I can’t afford to buy a home at such price or maybe I know how the live in the hood really is. Feel free to give me your criticism, I mean it is a public forum.

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