Norma's Cafe sandwich and fries. Photo courtesy of Norma's Facebook page.

Norma’s Cafe sandwich and fries. Photo courtesy of Norma’s Facebook page.

Of all the “National” this food and that food days we’ve seen come and go this year, this Friday marks the most appetizing one.

In my humble opinion, that is.

July 12 is National French Fry day, and Norma’s Cafe will hand out bottles of its “Really Fancy Cafe Catsup” with any order of fries. If you get really lucky (depending on your liking of ketchup), you’ll win one year’s worth.

If only they were handing out bottles of mayo instead. I know, you probably think that’s gross.

If you haven’t read our interview with Norma’s owner Ed Murph about his recent expansion and 57th anniversary —you should probably check it out.