9781451633153_custom-59be47e5b7caa2b2aaf654000c1ddc4e2ceb77c6-s6-c30Oak Cliff native Stephen Tobolowsky’s ‘The Dangerous Animals Club’ begins with stories from his childhood in Oak Park Estates. The actor/author/storyteller/radio host told the Advocate in our May Q&A, “hey, you know, that’s where I’m from, and it’s what formed me.”

Here’s how he describes the book:

It’s called “The Dangerous Animals Club,” and it’s a collection of short stories. They’re all true, and they all happened to me. It could fall into the category of a memoir, but the stories are not chronological. Most of the book is a good laugh. As you read the stories, as you get about halfway through, you see the pieces connecting, and it creates a narrative. One thing they all have in common is that they’re stories about the beginnings of things. The Dangerous Animals Club is the club I had as a kid in Oak Cliff. But the book is about all the dangerous animals I have encountered in life. The book is ultimately about finding triumph — finding the little bits of triumph in your life even though you feel lost.

The e-book of “The Dangerous Animals Club” is available this week only for $2.99 at Amazon.