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The 3-and-a-half-mile stretch of Fort Worth Avenue between Beckley and Westmoreland may soon transform to better accommodate pedestrians and cyclists, helping pave the way for development in the area.

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The City Plan Commission is set to approve a thoroughfare amendment Thursday that will change the street from a six-lane divided roadway to a four-lane divided roadway, creating room for a two-way cycle track, keeping within 100 feet of the right-of-way. The plan would also enhance the sidewalks.

According to notes on the CPC agenda, the plan would not negatively impact motorists.

The changes in street layout can only help nearby development plans such as Sylvan Thirty and the upscale apartment community that is supposed to replace the West Dallas Mobile Home Park (the residents will be forced out Jan. 31 after a heated battle with the property owners.)

Following approval at the City Plan Commission, the street proposal would go before the City Council on Sept. 11.

The DMN reported that leftover bond funds have been secured for the first phase, stretching roughly from Sylvan to Pittman, between the Belmont Hotel and Chicken Scratch. We could see work begin by the spring.