margarethunthillbridgeThe New York Times ran a piece this week critical of Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish architect who designed our most divisive bridge. Even though we like Large Marge — it adds femininity to the macho Dallas skyline, in my opinion — we also liked Jim Schutze’s sassy commentary following the Times story.

If you’ve been dying to see inside the Beckley Avenue rooming house where Lee Harvey Oswald was staying at the time of the JFK assassination, but you don’t have $500,000 to buy it, well, now you can visit. For $20, that is. Owner Pat Hall, whose aunt rented to the presumed assassin, is offering tours of the house, which includes the tiny room and metal frame bed where Oswald slept.

This headline from Complex is awesome: “Texas bar owner sons unruly customer on Yelp.” They’re talking about Meri Dahlke of Ten Bells Tavern, who “sonned” a customer (that is, dressed him down) after he left a nasty Yelp review. The story ranked high on Reddit and wound up making national news. Dahlke told a local TV station that she would “buy the guy a case of Miller Lite” for all the publicity their Yelp fight caused.