Oak Cliff-based graphic designer Amanda Pounds is a State Fair of Texas super fan. She buys season passes and always attends opening day. Last year, she started taking photos of fair goers with their carnival prizes. Her portraits prove that the fair brings out the kid in everyone.

Here’s how she explains it:

For several years I’ve thought how funny it was that all these guys that obviously take great pains to look tough or cool would wander around with giant stuffed animals tucked under their arms. When I saw the guy with the pink gingham Scooby Doo, I finally got up the nerve to ask if I could take his photo. He was maybe a little embarrassed, but he was so nice that I just kept asking, and people kept saying “yes.” They WANTED their photos taken. They were all pretty proud of having won this or that for their lady or their kid or just to show off for their friends. For the most part, everyone was super into it. Only one guy who I asked had to be talked into letting me take his photo, and I think that was because he was Fair staff and was afraid he’d get in trouble for goofing off.

Definitely plan to take more this year.