heath-kids-2Legacy Counseling Center, which started in Oak Cliff in 1989 serving the HIV positive population, is opening 24 apartments near Kiest Park to otherwise homeless HIV patients.

The apartments are being paid for with a Housing and Urban Development grant, and the residents move in Oct. 1. They will receive counseling through Legacy as well as a full time case manager who will “come up with an escape plan,” to help them break out of homelessness and poverty, says Legacy executive director Melissa Grove. The goal is for them to be self sustaining in one year, she says.

The federal grant pays for the apartments, plus a double bed, a dresser, a table and chairs for each one. But it doesn’t include bed clothes, dishes or any of the other little things that make a home. So Legacy is asking for donations.

A full list of the items needed is available at legacycares.org. Donate items directly to 4054 McKinney or call the center, 214.520.6308.